Welcome to Cook with Jason

Thanks for visiting the site!  My hope is to share with you my enthusiasm for cooking and learning about food. Cooking is a passion of mine, almost an obsession. My philosophy on cooking is quite simply a culmination of my life and the things I enjoy. Growing up in the Northwest, I was lucky to have many opportunities to spend time at the Oregon coast. My childhood was filled with crabbing, clamming, fishing and the like. Seafood was pulled straight from the water and fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden were the foundation on which my palate was built, and for that, I am grateful. 

Now that my family and I live in southern California, I can't help but feel like a kid again with the wealth of fresh ingredients at my fingertips year around.  Sure, my favorite food (Dungeness crab) is a little harder to come by, but luckily, I can fill the void with fresh tuna off the boat or a spiny lobster or two. 

I've also been very lucky to have traveled around the world. Monaco, Barcelona, Sydney, Vienna (lived for 6 months!), Rome, Amsterdam, Florence, Budapest, Nice, Venice, Auckland, Jamaica. I'm fascinated by the deep relationship between a culture and their cuisine. For me, the best part of traveling is coming home with a little piece of the places I've explored. Because of this, my table spans the globe everyday. Thai. French. German. Italian. Argentinian. Asian. Latin.  

I wanted to create culinary experiences that resemble my daily life...start with fresh, local ingredients (what's in season, what looks good) and build a menu that includes worldly flavors and cooking techniques that save you time and money.  And along the way, taste and sample from local businesses who are focused on their craft.  The Farmer's Market Foodventure is a chance to get together with friends or meet new friends, hear from experts on selecting produce, cooking with oils, vinegars, craft brew or wine and participate in cooking a fabulous meal at the end.

I hope you will join me! 



Jason Roehm